Week of 12/14/2014

Upcoming week
1. Sunday Mass (3rd Sunday of Advent & LAST HBS MASS of 2014), 12/14 @ 8pm, HBS Chapel
As always, the Mass schedule, cookie sign-up, cantor sign-up and prayers of the faithful submissions are in this Google doc. If anyone would like to make cookies this week, we would appreciate your help! Note: We will be back on Sunday, January 25, 2015 for the first HBS Mass of 2015!

Programming outside The Bubble
2. A Christmas Celebration with the Choir of St. Paul’s, 12/14 @ 3pm, St. Paul’s
The Choir of St. Paul’s will be performing Christmas songs on 12/14 at 3pm in St. Paul’s Church. Please stop by the church to purchase tickets or visit www.stpaulchoirschool.com for ticket information.

3. St. Paul’s Food Pantry, Every Saturday morning, St. Paul’s Lower Church
St. Paul’s Parish operates a food pantry each Saturday morning in St. Paul’s lower church. For more information please contact Tara at [email protected]

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